Save Money-5 Steps to building a PBN

by Grow SEO Agency in Blog on August 17, 2019
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 5-steps-to-build-pbn[/caption]Beginners guide to PBN(Private Blog Network) Building

This Guide is aimed at beginners who are curious about PBN’s. It can take a few days to set this up but building your PBN’s Domain Authority and Page Authority takes a bit more skill which I will cover in another article.

There are much better ways to build a strong PBN, you can use this on your main site or for tier 2(Blogger, weebly etc) to help give your site a boost.

This will also save anyone new a ton of hard earned $ as so many people just buy off Fiverr.

You need to pick 10 expired domains in your niche or the niche you want a domain in. If you have a jewelry site, you might want to pick watches, earings etc. This will help boost your main site as a Authority. Do NOT GO and buy 20000 links off Fiverr either.

A good place to find expired domains is Expired Domains, if you need help finding a good domain we can help just get in touch.

How to check a sites history? Once you have picked out your site you want to go check out Internet Archive, enter the URL of the site you are thinking of buying and you can see its history and its free.

Make sure the site is not full of spam, anything Chinese or Japanese on an English website is usually a good indicator. Look for Porn etc unless that is your niche.

You will also need 10 web hosts(shared).

 Step 1 Register your Domain Name.

You can use any domain registrars you prefer, I personally look for Coupons and I have not paid more than $10 for my domains. Be careful about renewal fees after the first year, I forgot about one domain and it cost me $24. I won’t name my favorites but if you need any help just message us.

Use .com, .net, .ng., .info and more. Be creative with them but dont use .xyz as it is mainly used by spammers.

I recommend selecting the WHO Is, put some private, put some in your own details, make some others a friend or family member (with their permission).

Step 2 Finding Web Hosts

You can find $1 a month web hosts, do not buy all 10 from the same company, mix it up a little. Some even come with free SSL which is brilliant. If you have a hard time finding $1 web hosts contact us, we can help you. Also a good idea is to add Cloudfare (its free) for added security.

Step 3 Installing CMS

Now you can install your content management system(CMS) so that your PBN is unique, if you don’t know coding Joomla and Drupal can be complicated for a beginner, so just installing 10 different WordPress themes works just as well.

Step 4 Content

Fill your websites with manual written, unique content. Many people will say to you to just post 2-3 articles and then link back to your site, but a proper built PBN is treated like a main site. Post as much as you can articles, quizzes, images the choice is endless.

Step 5 Social Media

Create Social Profiles for each Domain

This will help your sites in the long run and help them to stay active. You can create them on all different social sites or if you have difficulty you can get in touch and we can help you with that.

Thats our Basic PBN Guide hope you enjoyed. Do you have anything you would like to add? Would love to hear from you


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