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Grow’s guide on How To Write for SEO 2019

by Grow SEO Agency in Blog on September 3, 2019
Writing for the web is a daunting task that must be prepared beforehand. You can’t just sit and write the first idea that comes to your head; there are certain keywords that you must narrow down in order for your work to be searched for successfully. One of the rules is writing SEO friendly content. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a very effective way to make sure people see your blog or website posts according to their keyword searches. This requires a lot of research and time in narrowing the keywords people are searching for. After you master this, then you can start writing your articles.

How do I search for the right keywords?

There is many resources out there both paid and free, Some are quite accurate and should be used as a guide as they can vary in values from each other. The main free one I find is very good is a chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere. When you are searching for keywords, lets use the keyword Keyword Planner the data shows me the search volume (246,000) CPC(Cost Per Click) is 1.92 and the Keyword Difficulty is 17(medium-hard competition). Obviously this keyword is hard to rank for so what you can do is go over to Ubersuggest You then can type in your keyword and you will see Neil Patels data for your keyword, again it might vary. Neil will then show you average back-links you need to rank this keyword and the difficulty. In my experience you need to find keywords with difficulty under 25. These are called long tail keywords and you can have more success trying to rank long tail ones rather than trying to compete against huge companies that are dominating the searches.

How to find Long Tail Keywords?

In Ubersuggest Neil has a really cool feature called Keywords ideas which will suggest Long tail Keywords. You can also use paid tools such as Ahrefs.  Ahrefs have a trial for 7 days for $7 Which is amazing value and If you are serious about SEO you should buy it. It is one of the best tools out there. Another great resource is Long Tail Pro Luckily, there are lots of tips on how to create SEO friendly content and with some practice running you will do it in no time.  YoutYouTubeube has some great videos on writing SEO Friendly content. Here are our tips on how to write SEO friendly content. 1. Use signal words Continuing from what was said above, the first step is to determine your signal word or keyword. What do you want people to see? What should stand out in your article? You must enter these keywords in your title, in the body of the post, and in your meta tags. Be sure not to overuse it – many people will realize what you are doing and immediately stop reading. 2. Involve your readers This is all well and good to say you must use keywords, but that does not mean that your work must not be grammar or boring. Make sure your tone remains attractive and related to the keywords you choose. For example, if your keyword is ‘children’s birthday party service’, then you cannot approach the article as a business presentation. 3. Keep it short and sweet The golden rule for writing SEO friendly content, is to keep sentences short and sweet. People don’t like to read too much and shorter sentences allow them to absorb information faster. Begin each new idea as a new sentence and remember to write in paragraphs. Short blocks with short sentences are the best way to lure your readers into the article as a whole. 4. Use image optimization tools Images play an important role in how your text will be found and read. Your post must not only be text and there is no visual signal – this is boring! The reader will scroll past it to the post with more colors. The image optimization tool allows you to resize the image that you want to post so that it loads in the same time frame as the text itself, giving a polished look to your posts. 5. Correcting! Before you post anything, make sure to proofread your work. Ask yourself if the keywords are in the right place, whether your spelling and grammar are correct, and whether you have stated the idea you wanted in the first place. This will take 2 minutes and it will make a difference. 6. Keep Writing A lot of people think because English is not their first language , or they are not good at writing that they really struggle with writing, but fear not install this extension called Grammerly, its free and really helps when you are writing.  Some of the sites I have seen have awful writing even with English being their first language.  You need to make yourself an Authority in your niche and writing good content is a huge part in SEO. Plus the more you write the easier it will be in the long term, and you can even advertise as a content writer in sites like Upwork or Fiverr or on Social Media.
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